Kings Arms, Waterloo Sun, Dec 04 2016 19:30

And they were dancing on the tables!

Jodyanne F

Lots of debate among team members tonight with options on answers being battered back and forward. 'Capital Chorus' showed their many sides to take the bonus drink in round one then followed their basic instincts to capture the anagram bonus point at the start of round two. It was 'Roast Dinner Gang' who got the keys to the cellar to select themselves a bottle of house wine for the second to last prize at the end of the evening. 'The Ultimate Power Force' started their ferocious comeback in round two by first being bang on target for the bonus drink then going on to win the overall top prize bar tab. They joy knew no bounds at they leaped on the table to celebrate.
Quasimodo's unrequited love was known by all but Eddie Murphy's professor proved more memorable than Jerry's Lewis'. It's a generational thing!
Take a break from wrapping the presents next Sunday to come down and join us for more.

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