Kings Arms, Waterloo Sun, Apr 09 2017 19:30

Anonymous Angola

Jodyanne F

The doors were open to welcome a cool evening breeze into the Kings Arms tonight as quiz teams got in the round and prepared to exercise the ol' grey matter.
Ultimate Best Force tracked the terrific take on the Troggs' tune to nab the bonus drink in round one, Alternative Answers awareness of the antipodean healthy herbivorous habits served them the bonus drink in round two and
Up the Shard's affinity with the working man's brew served them the anagram bonus point after the break.
At the end of the evening it was Ultimate Best Force who were able to pour the libation of the bonus house wine second to last prize whilst it was The Pengwinners who finished far ahead of the competition to claim the top prize £30 bar tab.
Everyone knew the portmanteau pudding, 400 nano metres monarchic meaning, and Good King Wenceslas's day out.
Come work off the Easter chocolate next Sunday for more questionable fun.

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