Kings Arms, Waterloo Sun, Feb 18 2018 19:30

But Who Caught The Bouquet?

Jodyanne F

Deeply humbled by the dedication of regular players "Alternative Answers" tonight. Two of their players were married yesterday 'up North' with the whole team in attendance but raced back to Waterloo today for their weekly quiz fix - sparkling new rings at the ready.
The first bonus drink was munched up by a jet setting and slightly jet lagged member of "Quiz-Team-A-Aguilera" whilst the anagram point and second bonus drink went to "The Fact Hunts".
At the end of the evening it was these three plus "Eurotrash" that dominated the top of the leader-board with just a half a point in it between "The Fact Hunts" and "Alternative Answers". The latter was technically ahead but had to docked on a point on a technicality (7 party players on their team) giving "The Fact Hunt's" the advantage and the top prize £30 bar tab.
The second to last place bonus house prize went to "Tequila Mockingbird".
Everyone had witnessed the endangerment of life, knew of Brad's devotion and harked back to the erection of the Twin Towers but only "Alternative Answers" knew how to decorate all six sides.
Gong Hei Fat Choy to all - see you next week!:)

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