Kings Arms, Waterloo Sun, Mar 19 2017 19:30

Chasing the shiny things

Jodyanne F

We had birthday cake and song down at the Kings Arms tonight - what better way to celebrate than a quiz with friends.
'Falconhoof and the Travellers' were one with the dark side to take the bonus drink in round one whilst birthday revelers 'The Happy Tuesdays' flew away to Tel Aviv to take it in round two.
The anagram challenge proved quite a conundrum this evening but 'Roast Dinner Gang' went straight to the top of the class to take the bonus point for solving it without a clue.
At the end of the evening it was 'South India Company' who nabbed the second to last house bonus prize bottle of wine whilst 'The Magpies' were happy to craw about winning the top prize £30 bar tab.
Everyone knew another tongue, Megatron's followers and first food of Eid al-Fitr but the Bishop's seat did not register on any team's seismic scale.
Join us next Sunday for your first challenge of spring.

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