Kings Arms, Waterloo Sun, Feb 12 2017 19:30

Earworms courtesy of your quizmaster

Jodyanne F

It may be bitterly cold outside but it was cosy and warm at the Kings Head tonight as teams nestled down to their quiz.
'Halal is it meat you're looking for?' put it in the back of the net to take the bonus drink in round one whilst 'They Looked Quizically' safely boarded Lifeboat No 6 to take it in round two. 'Penfold's Pirates' took the popular vote in the anagram question to seize the bonus point at the start of round two and it was 'Katie & Co's' excited shrieks that could be heard from the back when they were announced as the bonus prize bottle of house wine winners in the final results.
At the end of the evening though it was regulars 'Alternative Answers' who lifted the grand voucher aloft to be crowned this week's winners.
Everyone knew the secret identity of Miley Stewart, had read their futures in the cards and watched Gina and Susan plunge to their heroic death but decks and trucks ground everyone to a halt.
Reserve your team a table for next week and come and have a go.

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