Kings Arms, Waterloo Sun, Mar 05 2017 19:30

Excuse my pronunciation

Jodyanne F

It was a polyglot's dream this evening down at the Kings Arms with challenges a plenty for this poor quizmaster's monolingual abilities.
'Roast Dinner Gang's recognition of Michael Richards' coulrophobic boy next door won them the bonus drink in round one. It was then 'Handel, Hendrix, REM and The Pharoahs' turn to take the baton and race across the pack ice to not only nab the bonus drink in round two but also be faster than four score and ten in nominating the Kensington lad to accept the anagram bonus point.
At the end of the evening if was 'Hans Quizteam Anderson' who took the bonus house prize bottle of wine whilst 'Handel, Hendrix, REM and The Pharoahs' continued their success to take the top prize £30 bar tab.
Everyone knew the 45th state, the Wilmette boys done good and the Detroit couple but Raleigh's Ark was nothing but a misfired cannon.

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Handel, Hendrix, REM and The Pharoahs
Roast Dinner Gang
Milton the Goat
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