Kings Arms, Waterloo Sun, Nov 13 2016 19:30

joint winners go head to head

Jodyanne F

Sunday evening can just mean one thing - time to head down to the Kings Arms to round off the weekend with a fabulous quiz.
The Roast Dinner Gang thought small to nab themselves the bonus drink in round one whilst the Chancers paddled through Hull to take it in round two. The anagram bonus point fue ganado por The Winchester Geese who carried on their winning streak to claim the bonus prize bottle of house wine.
At the end of the evening it was level pegging with both Hail to the Chimp and Lego Giveaway on a final score of 38. A tiebreaker was called with, in all honesty, both teams coming up with estimates grossly off the real answer. It was Hail to the Chimp though who were the least far off (a mere 900 rather than the 992 of Lego Giveaway) and were thus ultimately declared champions - exfoliation is key
Everyone knew the year that David Hasselhoff helped mark the end of the Cold War but were all grounded in Columbia with no complimentary peanuts or drinks to go round.
Come and show us your smarts next Sunday - 7.30 kick off!

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