Kings Arms, Waterloo Sun, Mar 26 2017 19:30

Last word from the wallflowers

Jodyanne F

After a gorgeous sunny mother's day quizlets new and regular settled down to this evening's entertainment.
The Powder Hounds sniffed out Tiger the sheepdog's stage name to take the bonus drink in round one whilst it was Westward Ho! seeing through the mystery of John Thaw to take it in round two.
It was the fastest most furious anagram round to date with at least four quizlets unraveling the riddle in record time but it was Alternative Answers speedy scribing skills that won them the bonus point.
At the end of the evening it was newcomers Better Late Than Never who nabbed the second to last place bottle of wine which they settled down to share with regulars The Roast Dinner Gang over yet more parlour games at the end of the quiz. Winners of the evening Alternative Answers were stunned to silence on announcement of the triumph - proof that tenacity pays off!
Everyone knew how to enjoy themselves at a Hellenic nuptial rite, the blue DIY dude's personal prop, and Leatherface's line of work but Chevy Chase's back catalogue was left unread.

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