Kings Arms, Waterloo Sun, Nov 05 2017 19:30

Not so scrappy

Jodyanne F

The teams settled in for the quiz tonight with fireworks ringing out from the rooftops all around. 'The Happy Duo's' resilience to the cold landed them the first bonus drink whilst three half answers and a good strong nudge towards a full answer landed The Scrappers the second.
At the start of round two the lovely ladies of Holy Trinity snaffled the extra anagram point before the rest of the teams had even started to compute but sadly it wasn't quite enough to put them in prize position as they lost out on the second to last place bonus house wine by a few points to Northern Monkeys.
The top prize of the evening went to regulars 'The Scrappers'. Their first time winning and proof of the adage if at first you don't succeed...

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