Kings Arms, Waterloo Sun, May 14 2017 19:30

Polly put the kettle on...

Jodyanne F

McLoven were on the point with pop culture references tonight, riding the Roundup back home via Peter Parker's nemesis to take both bonus drinks.
Fact Hunt knew who was so unusual at the top of round two to earn themselves an extra point which proved to be the sprinkles on the cherry on the icing on the cake of their exceptional lead as the finished the evening a good 13 points ahead of all competition.
There was a tie-breaker showdown for the bonus house bottle of wine second to last prize between We Need Tina and Suki's Pack, with puppy power winning out in the end as the Pack howled it home.
Everyone knew about the boy purloined by pirates penchant for pest control, the solitary sphere's guidance and Sha Jahan's lost love made corporeal but The Tigers great declawing was a scratching post too far.

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