Kings Arms, Waterloo Sun, May 21 2017 19:30

Sweet chillis, kaffir lime and coconut

Jodyanne F

Quiz-team-a Aguilera roared like a tiger to take the first bonus drink but all they wanted to do was win again which they did on the anagram bonus point leaving Quiz De Burgh to sink the battleship and take the the second bonus drink
It was level pegging in the coveted second to last place tonight between The Gaza Strip Club and Here For The Thai Food leading to a tense tie break with the ebullient strippers guessing closest to Walter's magic number and taking the bottle of house wine prize.
Champions of the night were Alternative Answers reclaiming the top spot for another week.
Everyone knew Bartholdi and Eiffel's virtuosity, 华为's brand and Wonka's wiley ways but they all hit a dead end of the road with their Boomerangs.

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