Kings Arms, Waterloo Sun, Oct 16 2016 19:30

tense tiebreaker time

Jodyanne F

It as a lovely evening at the Kings Arms tonight with newbies lined up to take on the defending champions. The bonus drink in round one was scooped up be 'Captain AWOL' for knowing the dude with the arrow in his eye whilst in round two 'The Table in the Corner' felt the romance of Mr Rochester to win themselves a free tipple. 'Roast Dinner' were savvy enough to follow through with the rules and nab themselves the bonus anagram point despite a member of another team shouting it out to the room - fair play wins again.
'Gettin' Down to Quizness' romped home for first place leaving 'Black and Blue' and 'The Adults' to fight it out in a tiebreaker for the second to a last house prize bottle of wine. A very tense moment with 'Black and Blue' seizing the answer in the wind to emerge triumphant.
Everyone proved themselves Kings not Pawns but lightning did not strike for those Dundee lads.
Get down early next week to nab yourself a table!

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