Kings Arms, Waterloo Sun, Sep 03 2017 19:30

Tiebreak Tension!

Caolan B

11 teams packed themselves into the busy Kings Arms to do quiz battle and at the end only 3 points separated the top 6 teams and half a point the bottom 2 with second from last getting a bottle of wine. Quizteam Aguillera led the way at half time on 19 points and finished on a whopping 39 points but it wasn't enough. A huge second half performance saw the Quizzards of Oz tie level. Tiebreak tension filled the room, what is the population of Alaska? For once Quizteam Aguillera were stumped. Way out. It was harsh and cruel but there could only be one winner. And they were worthy ones. The Quizzards of Oz. This weeks champions.

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