Kings Arms, Waterloo Sun, Nov 27 2016 19:30

Twinkle Twinkle little quiz

Jodyanne F

The Kings Arms is looking positively magical all bedecked with fairy lights - the perfect place to while away the winter.
'You Say Tomato We Say Tayto' were fabulous darlings in picking up the first bonus drink in round one. The name of the cat John left for Tony had everyone stumped for the second bonus drink but with a gentle hint courtesy of Yes Minister light-bulbs sparked with 'All Breast and No Peas' stepping up to the dispatch box to claim the voucher.
'Quiz Eubanks' were fastest on the draw at the start of round two to claim the additional anagram point by knowing their Rosencranz from Guildenstern.
At the end of the evening the score board tallied like a ladder with no one team more than a point ahead of the next. It was 'The Jock Straps' who pulled ahead by half a point at the bottom of the board to secure themselves the bonus house wine but the night belonged to 'All Breast and No Peas' - the overall winners of the evening.
Everyone knew which way the wind blew but Mr Bojangles grief was beyond telling.
Come snuggle up with us next week for more fun and games.

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