Kings Arms, Waterloo Sun, Oct 22 2017 19:30

You call that a dog?

Jodyanne F

'Alternative Answers' crowned themselves with the first bonus drink whilst 'You May Now Quiz the Bride' took fast dive through to order up the second. More than one team guessed the anagram before the full clue had even been delivered leading to a frantic Piccadilly Circus pen-off with 'Harvey Wine Stain', the topical team who never fail to disappoint with their name, just scrawling that millisecond faster to win the bonus point.
The bonus house wine at the end of the evening went to ever on the up team 'The Feds'. Meanwhile at the top of the table there was a tense tie-breaker for the grand prize between 'You May Quiz the Bride' and 'Alternative Answers'. They mined their collective mines to delve the depth and seek the truth. In the end it was'You May Quiz the Bride' who struck closest to the seam to claim the golden ticket.
Everyone felt the joy of the Munchkins, the heat of the Solanaceae and the pace of the Poaceae but no one saw the dead people.

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