Kings Arms, Epsom Sun, Jun 05 2016 19:00

Cat's Pyjamas Win by a Whisker.

Mark W a clever pun, but it so nearly could have been "The Magnificent Seven successfully defend a village of Mexican peasants from a gang of marauding bandits (metaphorically speaking - if the Mexican peasants are the overall score in a quiz and bandits are the competing scores of other teams)" and, in a way, we should probably be grateful that a more efficient pun that doesn't require lengthy explanation of obscure cinematic allegories should make itself so readily available.

However, any good movie with a plot twist at the end requires that the plot twist be foreshadowed right at the beginning of the movie - if it wasn't for Yul Bryner's reluctance to help the villagers in the opening then his returning to the village after it's occupation would not have been remarkable... from what I remember; it's been a while and then I get it confused with Two Mules for Sister Sara - that one had a nun in, but she's not really a nun - plot twist! And a spoiler if you haven't seen it. Anyway, I digress... point is: so it was with tonight's quiz.

As you may know we have a rule in Question One that should a team exceed six in number then one point should be forfeited for each additional team member by way of a handicap, and of course The Magnificent Seven (the quizteam, not the gunslingers), as their name might suggest, were a team of seven.

"So we will have to deduct a point at the end." volunteered the team captain of The Magnificent Seven (who didn't look a bit like Yul Bryner or Denzil Washington for that matter).

And I said "yes you will, but one point won't make a big difference".

There's two things that are notable about dramatic irony. One is, it's always ironic, and the other is it's dramatic. The two leaders at the end of the night, Cat's Whiskers and The Magnificent Seven end the evening with half a point seperating them. The Magnificent Seven leading by half a point until the deduction of the one handicap point that the quizmaster said was not likely to make a difference!

However... two more plot twists are on the way, because no matter where you come in the quiz at The King's Arms on a Sunday night you stand an equal chance of winning the jackpot! And as fate should have it, who should deliver the closest answer to the jackpot question but The Magnificent Seven?! All they have to do is choose the correct mystery envelope to sieze a victory from the jaws of a fickle-fated defeat.

Well you can guess what happened next...

But you'd be wrong. The envelope was empty which means the jackpot will be rolling over to the following week. All the more reason to come back and tune in to the next exciting instalment.

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