Kings Arms, Epsom Sun, May 22 2016 19:00

Cocktail Sunday at the Epsom

Mark T

New team 'Quizlamic State' romped to a clear victory on what proved to be a busy and fun night. Made up of the 2 Joes, Owen and the exotic sounding Sharna, they won a £50 dinner and drink voucher. I somehow think they might just be using the drink option to order a few more of those yummy Mojitos that they'd started on. The food, it must be mentioned, looked fab too.
The jackpot game of 'Play Your Cards Right' was played by 'The Trumping Trio' , but Fay was cruelly thwarted by an ace on only the second card. It does mean that there will be a roll over jackpot next week though, so more to play for.

Great food, great drinks and a great crowd... what more could you want?

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