L'Affaire Wed, Apr 26 2017 20:00

Almost Double Winners.

Richard L

Do you need luck to win a quiz? Of course you do, but also, great general knowledge and a cool head! The 2,500 team clearly had everything going for it on Wednesday at L'Affaire. Not only was the team victorious with a 36 point win but when it came to Jackpot time the luck or knowledge was clearly still there. Quiznaster Rchard Linton asked all teams to estimate the population of Iran and team 2,500 guessed - or was it inside knowledge?? - 76 million. The correct answer was 75 million but being the nclosest guess meant that the team had a chance at the jackpot. To win all one has to do is to find the joker, one of ten upside down playing cards! This wasn't so easy meaning that the Jackpot continues and next week is worth £70!

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