L'Affaire Wed, May 24 2017 20:00

Fun In The Sun.

Richard L

As all three teams were in the beer garden, quizmaster Richard Linton took the decision to hold the quiz outside. One team of four players and two teams of three players each, competed for a £60 bar tab and a second to last prize of a bottle of wine. At L'Affaire there is also a jackpot and teams moved inside to try to win the £80 current prize. A question was asked and The Retrobates answer was the nearest so the team chose one player who had to find the Joker (one of ten cards on the table). The player chose a card but his fellow team members opted for another card which was turned over revealing the 8 of spades! The original card was the Joker!! Such is life I guess but The Retrobates were good sports and after not winning a lot of hand shaking and good spirited banter took place. Nest week's jackpot £90 - well worth a visit to Wandsworth.

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