L'Affaire Wed, Oct 18 2017 20:00

Three's Company

Danny M

A quiet but fun night at L'Affaire as three teams of up-for-it quiz nuts have a go at that 50 quid bar tab. Rife banter and an addressing of each teams' specialist topic meant it was all to play for. The runaway winners, though - as seems to be a common theme here on the Wandsworth gyratory - were a quiet an unassuming couple named Oval and Out who walloped home a huge score and bagged that golden ticket. Rory, he of 'Princess Consuela Bananahammock', who came 2nd and won a bottle of wine, was nominated to play for the jackpot round but sadly that elusive Joker, well - eluded him. Jackpot's up to 70 quid next week. Third place was taken by 'See You Next Tuesday' - wonderful sports all, and they won themselves a packet of beetroot seeds. Lucky them.

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oval and out
princess consuela bananahammock
see you next tuesday