Lamb, Chiswick Wed, Nov 22 2017 20:00

Lobsters Win

Richard L

No there was no team of large red colored crustaceans at The Lamb last night, just a team calling itself 'The Lobsters'.
The reason for this rather unusual team name, was a reference to one of the picture questions in last night's quiz. The picture was of a strange looking insect (actually a silver fish), but from certain angles looking like a rather neutral colored lobster!
The two other competing teams had names which were fairly self-explanatory. 'Double Denim', a couple wearing - you've guessed it and '2 Brits and an Italian' - guess the nationalities!
In the end 'team Lobster' won with the other teams both scoring 25 points and sharing second place. Why not join us next week with food available and a cosy atmosphere, the only place to be in Chiswick on a Wednesday night.

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Top Teams
Double Denim
2 Brits and 1 Italian