Lass O' Richmond Hill Tue, Feb 23 2016 20:00

A Great Crowd!

Rhys T

What a brilliant group of people we had in tonight! So close! "The Lowest Form of Wit" seemed to be running away with it in the first half but "The Lump Suckers" stole their victory by getting one point more in the end, winning with a staggering 39 points! "Ollie and mates" and "Last Again Inevitably" proved that coming by yourself you can get a very respectable score! A special shout out to our student group "The Blu Coats" who said to me when they signed up "We're students, we know everything!" and sadly proved the contrary.... A great night had by all!

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The Lump Suckers
The Lowest form of wit
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The Blu Coats
Ollie and mates
Turkey Dinosaurs
Last Again Inevitably