Lass O' Richmond Hill Tue, Sep 27 2016 20:00

Megan and the Aliens get their first win!

Rhys T

A lovely evening tonight, with lots of familiar and some new faces. We all learned that you measure eggs with an Oometer and that the 2 most popular beers in the world come from China, despite none of us having drunk either of them! Our faithful regulars The Comrades got one of the highest scores they've had since I've been hosting and came a close second but the winners this week, after having lost in last week's tie break, were Megan and the Aliens! Last Again Inevitably came second to last and won our bottle of wine! The new jackpot rolls over to next week and stands at £22. Next week will be my last week at the Lass O Richmond Hill, after 9 very happy months and I will be handing the torch over to your new quizmaster. So please come along next Tuesday so I can go out with a bang!

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