Lass O' Richmond Hill Tue, Mar 01 2016 20:00

St. David's themed magic!

Rhys T

A nice, intimate quiz tonight. Everyone got to know each other and have fun! Being a welshman, it was my pleasure to include some Wales themed questions to celebrate St. David's Day (which is also World Pig Day, we discovered tonight!) The Flirty Fannies made a triumphant return! The Hateful 4 may have been at a disadvantage, coming from France, Austria and the USA, however they shocked us all with their knowledge of the population of Wales! Last Again Inevitably continues to impress with his knowledge of all the UK's Number One Hits! The bonus round jackpot continues to roll over to the next week. So, join us! We're at the Lass O Richmond Hill every Tuesday at 8pm!

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