Leyton Star Tue, Dec 20 2016 20:00

A Better Pun Name for a Quiz Team Than I Could Have Thought Of

Tim B

The art of the quiz team name has a storied history. From the very first Pubbe Quiße in 1415, when a quiz was settled, in a tie break, by the team that most closely guessed the number of lepers in Britain at the last census, quiz teams have long searched for clever, witty and original team names.

In 1612 we have the first recorded use of Quiztina Aguilera, in the inaugural Protestant Christmas pub quiz - the fact the no one got the reference just shows that the Christian Church was once years ahead of its time.

And, last night, in Leyton, home of at least one football team and at least two tube stations, a new and original quiz team pun name was created. Obviously, it only works in Leyton, and if you're 5 minutes late to said quiz. But feel free to use it if you're ever in said situation:

Better Leyton Never

Yeah, I probably built that up too much.

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