Leyton Star Tue, Jan 24 2017 20:00

A Rebel Without a Quiz

Tim B

Tortured pun aside, if you do happen to be a rebellious young spark just looking for something to fight for (and if for some reason the dumpster fire that is Western politics c. 2017 doesn't get you) perhaps consider:

Trying To Win a Weekly Trivia Quiz In a Local Drinking Establishment!

It has everything you.could ever want: Booze, fights (of knowledge), suspense (during the bit where you've done the answers and are waiting to see where you finished) AND a soupçon of a certain je ne sais quoi - pretending to know about foreign languages when you actually don't.

Perhaps you'll consider The Leyton Star! Provided, of course:

A) The Leyton Star is a local for you
B) You're free on Tuesday evenings

Otherwise you're back to being a Rebel without a quiz all over again.

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