Leyton Star Tue, Mar 13 2018 20:00

Laborious Logotyping in Leyton

Lena Margareta E

All teams worked hard on their logos this week for the creative round, and the extra point went to 'The Bar Team' for a simple but stylish sample. Feelings flew high when it was revealed that Mr Gibson is an actor, but that turned out to not affect the outcome after all. Avid quizzers 'In Arsene We Trust' (temporarily called Captain, oh Captain for the night) won the first prize with 34 points, only one point ahead of Exodus. But the bottle winners Nellie's Chick looked way more delighted at their price for the second-to-last place!

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In Arsene We Trust (Captain oh captain)
Oh no!
Leyton Borient
Better Leyton than never