Leyton Star Fri, Nov 23 2018 20:00

Quentins And Answers

Jessica S

Welcome to our Tarantino themed quiz!
Our three teams were battling it out for the title of Quiz Champion and there were bonus points flying around too!
"Mia Wallace and the Jack Rabbit Slims" won a point for the best Tarantino themed team name - picked by George at the bar, who has met the man himself. "Pink Misters" and "Reservoir Cats" correctly ordered 'drei gläser' of beer like a German would so they also won bonus points.
Having done their homework well, "Reservoir Cats" won with a whopping 38 points to take home that £50 bar tab.
Thanks for playing!

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Reservoir Cats
Mia Wallace and the Jack Rabbit Slims
Pink Misters