Leyton Star Tue, Nov 29 2016 20:00

Questions Were Answered, In Some Cases Correctly

Tim B

From the deepest depths of Hell, to the highest peaks of a particularly well made meringue, and from then to the top storey of one of those tower blocks you sometimes see in East London: thus ran the gamut of emotions in this event so epic, so singular that the febrile atmosphere that created it cannot expect to be recreated until, at best, a full seven days have passed.

It is safe to say that no quiz has ever been so emollient, ever been so ignitable. No quiz has ever has a quizmaster so poor at selecting adjectives as this, Tuesday nights at the Leyton Star.

Anyway, congratulations to The King's Nut on winning a quiz that they entered, and we all look forward to the Star Wars themed quiz next Tuesday. If you like Star Wars, that is. Obviously.

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