Leyton Star Tue, Aug 28 2018 20:00

The Great British Pub Quiz

Jessica S

We welcomed five fabulous teams to The Leyton Star tonight, including a family group who decided to play boys versus girls to amp up the competition!

After a really close first half, the multiple point questions in the second half meant that "The Heated Booths" stormed ahead to gain a whopping 36 points, 15 ahead of the lowest scoring team.

The creative round this week was to honour the start of that great tradition, The Great British Bake Off. Teams had to come up with a Showstopper to wow the bar staff with - "Jabble the Hutch"'s galaxy and sci-fi themed cakes took the biscuit and won them an extra 3-points. "The Heated Booths" came in second with their London themed cake and "The Great Quizm" won an extra point for their garden themed sweet eats.

After a tiebreaker between "Jabble the Hutch" and "Mambo Number 5" for the bottle of wine (how many rooms does Buckingham Palace have?), "Jabble the Hutch" got to open a nice bottle of red.

Thanks all for playing and see you next week!

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