Leyton Star Tue, Sep 04 2018 20:00

The Seven Wonders of Leyton

Jessica S

Tonight we had Seven Wonderful quiz teams taking part at The Leyton Star, all ready to take home that £50 bar tab!

After the first half, there were just 6 points between the leaders and the lowest score but those sneaky multiple point questions in the second half really widened the gap to a huge 13 points!

Our creative round this week was paper aeroplanes (well, someone's got to fly some planes Ryanair!) and the winners, 'Cows Always Know', did so well they won themselves out of a bottle of wine which went to Canadians.

It was Canadians first EVER pub quiz (being from Canada) and so to take home a bottle of wine was a pretty sweet win!

Quiz team Bleakley gained a huge 33 points overall, beating Dave's Diamonds by just one point take the main prize.

Huge congrats to our regular 'Theresa Maynot', who not only won the Rock/Paper/Scissors free drink for the first time tonight - but won it both times! Rock/Paper/Scissors Ninja right there,

Thanks all for coming and see you next week!

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