Manor Arms Thu, Feb 08 2018 20:00

Dreams come true at Streatham Pub as cash money jackpot is won again

Hugh S

A great night was had by all last night at Streatham's Manor Arms pub with the brawny brains battling for big bonanza prizes. First place and a very welcome £40 bar tab went to quiz stalwarts 'The Hags' with second-to-last consolation prize going to the ironically named 'Not Doing Great'. But the big drama was felt by all in the closing minutes as Andy from team 'Standbeegee' won the cash money jackpot in a nerve wracking game of higher/ lower. He picked the right cards in a game of chance but if you're looking for a certain good time on a Thursday night come down next time to Streatham's Manor Arms to take advantage of their £10 pizza and beer deal and try your hand at the iconic quiz!

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