Manor Arms Thu, Jul 06 2017 20:00

First Place Revenge

Michael C

On a hot summer night in South London, several teams came out in force to challenge those brain cells and try to win the £40 bar tab! It was a close quizzing battle between Lee-June, Smudge's Revenge and The Pork Chops. But in the end, it was Smudge's Revenge taking the top spot with a score of 34. Was it revenge for losing the previous week? Who knows, but revenge was made sweeter with the £40 bar tab!

A special mention to Team Lee-June, two schools girls and their father, they came very close to the top, coming in second place, but they proved that age is just a number in the world of quizzing!

Don't worry we have a cheeky bottle of wine for the team smart enough to come in second-to-last place, it's challenge so stick on those thinking caps and join us again next Thursday in Streatham from 8pm for your team's sweet quizzing revenge.

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Smudge's Revenge
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The Bear Neccesities
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