Manor Arms Thu, Aug 09 2018 20:00

Johnny’s Came Lately/Left Victorious!

William M

"The Johnny’s Came Lately" but left with first prize after a full and fun filled quiz at the Manor Arms tonight.

They fought off very tough competition from "The Workaholics (minus 1)", who appropriately only needed 1 to reach joint first place (still, they did win almost all the drinks).

"Hold Me Closer, Tiny Answer" (great name!) were also in joint second place, but did have a chance to play for the jackpot, after a Moonlight/LA LA Land Oscars moment with the "Know It Alls". It was a tense moment, but the jackpot remained unclaimed and will be over £100 next week, so worth coming out for.

"The Irregulars" scored well, but if they’d had Rachel perhaps could have risen up to first place?

"Let’s get Quizzical" were another team with a great name and great score, while "Small Like A Raisin" won more wine and "Jim White - Get Out" got themselves a cheeky half.

A great night, with a load of great players. Come down next week for more of the same (and hopefully less rain).

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Top Teams
Johnny Come Latelies
Hold me closer, Tiny Answer
The Workaholics (-1)
The Irregulars (minus Rachel)
The Know it Alls
Let’s Get Quizzical
Small like a Raisin
Jim White - Get Out!