Manor Arms Thu, Jan 25 2018 20:00

President's Club wins big!

Hugh S

Streatham's own 'President's Club', featuring 2 women and 2 men, prove that equality is the winning formula by taking first prize of a £40 bar tab at the Manor House's iconic pub quiz. Consolation prize of a bottle of house wine was gratefully accepted by second team 'Saucy Waffles', who confessed that they are teetotal, and in it for the brain power not the booze power, but would give their bottle of wine to their happy housemates. Special mention must go to 'Solo Magic', who in spite of playing in a one-man team managed to come third overall, proving it's not quantity but quality that prevails. The jackpot was not one this week and so rolls over until next week so come on down and take advantage of the Manor Arms' £10 deal on beer and pizza and be in with a chance to win all the prizes!

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