Manor Arms Thu, Aug 30 2018 20:00

"The Hags" Double Triumph

Richard L

Quiz winners and almost Jackpot winners as well. "The Hags" a team of just two people are a very successful quiz team. Last night at The Manor Arms, this two-person team beat all the other seven teams and won the quiz with an impressive 35-point score.
When it came to the jackpot, quizmaster Richard Linton asked a question regarding the percentage of American households which have a mobile 'phone but no land-line, answer 41%.
"The Hags" answer was just 1% out (42%) but nearer than any other team giving the chance to play for the jackpot. Starting on 4 the team guessed higher but on the turn of the first card a three appeared - unlucky!
The jackpot next Thursday will be £195, so why not come along and try to win it. Plus of course the £40 voucher for the winning team and a bottle of wine for the lowest but one scoring team. Last night the wine winning team was "Funky Fresh" - well done, guys!

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