Marquis Cornwallis Tue, Feb 07 2017 18:30

Can you hum that for me?

Jodyanne F

A rambunctious evening tonight at the Marquis Cornwallis.
'Ugly Renaissance Babies' fought the nemesis of infinity and beyond to take the bonus drink in round one whilst 'Inglorious BASDerds' sat down to remember Zion and take it in round two as well as the bonus anagram point.
At the end of the evening it ',,,,,Chameleon' who took home the house prize bottle of wine whilst former champions 'NYE' resumed their post at the top of the leaderboard to take the first prize £50 bar tab.
Everyone knew who masterminded room 101 but not Dr Eggman's antogonist.
Would you have known the answer?

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Ugly Renaissance Babies
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