Marquis Cornwallis Tue, Oct 16 2018 18:30

It's All In The Numbers!

Marnie N

It was packed and lively downstairs at The Marquis Cornwallis tonight. Lots of big teams, but no worries because the big team got ducked a point for being more than 6 and both of Matt's birthday teams had to find two other teams to swap with. We are nothing if not fair to all at The Marquiz! It was a three way in second place with "G'Day Baby Sussex" and both of Matt's birthday teams getting 36 each. However, it was a massive hats off to "10111", (apparently that's binary for 23!) who took the cash pot with 5 points to spare!

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Top Teams
10111 (Team 23)
G'day Baby Sussex
Captn Hastings
Captn Matt
My drinking team
Meghan's Merkins