Marquis Cornwallis Tue, Nov 07 2017 18:30

Solo flight to the Night Garden

Jodyanne F

A grand evening tonight with teams of all sizes - from the extreme nine players of 'Mauve Cobra' to the solo player of 'NYE'.
'Mauve Cobra' coiled and struck in round one to take the first bonus drink then followed it up with a super fast anagram unscramble at the top of round two to take the bonus point. The second bonus drink proved a classic and was easily identified by 'G & Rav'.
At the end of evening it was 'Ickle Pickle' at the top of the table again snaffling the £50 top prize bar tab. The second to last place bonus house wine prize went to 'NYE-Solo' who graciously shared his plonk with the players from 'G & Rav'.
Special mention to team 'The Queen Vic' for entertainment value and their cunning ways.

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