Marquis Cornwallis Tue, Oct 09 2018 18:30

Tenacity Pays Off For The Addicts!

Marnie N

There were lots of friends out together tonight to play and test their brains. The Great Ormond Street Nurses were out in force with the "Quizzards Of Oz" and "Sherlock Homies" bringing it large down in the shallow end. Over at the other end of the table however, we had newcomers "Before My Time" holding their own against "Stationery Addicts" throughout the first half. Round two saw the fresh faces fall off the steam train allowing "Stationery Addicts" to win the big cash pot for the first time ever! Just goes to show, the more you play the better you get. All the more reason to get down to The Marquis for 40 more questions and a lot more fun next week!

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