Marquis Cornwallis Tue, Aug 22 2017 18:30

The tension of the three way tie-breaker

Jodyanne F

Shawly Knot knew their mnemonic to be spot on in spring and take the the first bonus drink whilst NYE crouched like a tiger to take the second. There was a furious pen-off between Ken the Wizard and Densa for the anagram bonus point with the latter just pipping the former at the post by two letters.
At the end of the evening three teams occupied the coveted space at the top leader board: The Salines, Naughty Nylons and Densa. The challenge was thrown to sink or swim with Densa cutting a channel through the ice to take the £50 bar tab as the others slid beneath the waves. Meanwhile Shawly Knot added to their prize haul by snaffling the second to last place bottle of house wine.
Everyone knew the home of the games, how it feels to be entranced, and the best attire for visiting the North Atlantic but there was no deal in Italy.
A special nod to Chelci's Squad who only closed one eye whilst everyone else was blind - that point alone was yours.

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