Marquis Cornwallis Tue, Jul 17 2018 18:30

You Can Rely on The Quiz

Marnie N

When the planet is in turmoil and all around you are sad because the World Cup is over, fear not, The Marquis Cornwallis Quiz is back to help you through tough times and brain fries! "One Man Band" came alone and may have not one by the most amount (there are no losers at The Marquis!) but he got a free beer in round one! Newbies "Dropkicks" and "2 Quiz 2 Furious" were mid-table and gave a solid performance but the night was meant for "In Defence of A4" who led from the front and took the pot of cash and the glory! Join us next week for more fun and good times!

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In Defence of A4
Whole Hog
2 Quiz 2 Furious
1 Man Band