Nag's Head, Islington Sun, Sep 10 2017 19:00

Turbut's Lemons Win it by One.

Josh H

A great intimate atmosphere at The Nags Head ended with a shock first ever quiz win for our beautiful couple Turbut's Lemons. It would have gone to a tie break had it not been for the generosity of Quizzy Rascal who as our only team of four players and in the lead by two points at half time agreed to give our remaining three teams of two a bonus point. A great show by Don't Judge Us By Our Score, who came in third but also second last and donated their winning bottle of wine to Quiz Eubank who had by far the best team name, if not the best score.
Our jackpot rolls over to next week as Quizzy Rascal didn't choose the joker from the ten cards however, they got taught a fantastic card trick and given a pack of very special playing cards as a consolation prize. I'll be back on a cover there again next Sunday. I hope to see you there!

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