Nightingale, Balham Wed, Sep 27 2017 20:00

Ben's Brilliant Birthday Bonanza

Michael B

Ben, head prefect of regulars 'Tryouts For The Human Race', is one of The Nightingale's most loyal, enthusiastic and good humoured quizzers. And what better way for Ben to spend his 50th (yes, the big 5-0) birthday than taking part in South West London's premier pub quiz? Well, I'll tell you a better way - actually WINNING South West London's premier pub quiz. It's as if the stars aligned and the birthday Gods smiled warmly upon half-centurion Ben and his merry band of men. And better still than winning South West London's premier pub quiz is winning South London's premier pub quiz in a pant-wettingly exciting tie-breaker! It's as if the last 50 years of Ben's life had all been leading him to this one, epoch-defining moment. He may feel a little differently of course ... Still, happy birthday, Ben - here's to another 50 years of cryptic tube stations!

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