Nightingale, Balham Wed, Dec 14 2016 20:00

Christmas Comes Early For 'Quizness As Usual'

Michael B

It was far from business as usual for 'Quizness As Usual' as they struck festive gold in our (almost) Christmas jackpot round and won the top cash prize of £400! They were gracious and slightly stunned victors, like turkeys waking up on Boxing Day morning to realise they've somehow survived the Crimbo cull.
Lest we forget that 'Breaking Badminton' won the quiz with an impressive 49 points, ex-act-ly one year (or fifty two weeks, if you prefer) since their last victory at The Nightingale.
Jackpot winners 'Quizness As Usual' also claimed a pitcher of beer in the bonus drinks question. So quite a night for them. Unusual, you might say ...

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