Nightingale, Balham Wed, Sep 20 2017 20:00

Eight Is The Magic Number

Michael B

You know, it turns out that sometimes crime DOES pay. Who knew? 'Ruth & The Ravenslea Rockets' were an eight person team, thus incurring a two point deduction for two extra team mates. However, that still gave them an impressive 41 points, a slender one point lead and, most importantly, the winning score. They didn't break the rules, so much as enthusiastically bend them out of all recognisable shape and for that, I salute you.

In the Jackpot Round, 'Exeter Gently' (see what they've done there?) got the answer spot on - the record for the largest traffic cone collection being 137 apparently - and so have either voodoo, Google or luck to thank for their victory. They claimed 'Dinner For Two' - always a logistically awkward prize for a quizzing quartet. Still, free food - don't knock it.

All of this means we're down to only six envelopes and the top cash prize of over £550 still remains ...

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