Nightingale, Balham Wed, Jul 12 2017 20:00

Everyone Deserves A Second Chance

Michael B

Question 5 in tonight's Nightingale quiz concerned unlucky number 13, which is in fact considered rather lucky in Italy. With that in mind perhaps, 'The Ratinators' picked envelope 13 in the jackpot round. The bad news - no prize. The good news - a slip of paper reading, "Second chance, try again". They did just that, this time plumping for envelope 8 (anyone twigged where this is leading?). Its contents? Oh, you know, nothing much ... (pregnant pause for dramatic effect) ... only the blinkin' £315 JACKPOT! Just over 100 big 'uns each for the ecstatic young trio of students. They were delighted and in turn, the pub was delighted for them. Man, I love a happy ending ...

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