Nightingale, Balham Wed, Dec 09 2015 20:00

Five Go Quizzing

Michael B

Well, either last week's replacement Quiz Master had a bad day at the office, or Christmas Party season has officially started in earnest - either way, it was a "bijou" quiz tonight at The Nightingale. Small but perfectly formed, if you will, as five teams contested this evening's intimate trivia-fest.

The £40 bar tab went to Joanie Clements Fan Club - that's a pound for each of their impressive 40 points. Meanwhile, it took a tiebreaker to decide the winner of the bottle of wine for second place - Leaky Pants' knowledge of the solar system was out of this world on this occasion, as Orange Is The New Black drifted into a black hole of disappointment. (Poor, even by my standards.)

In the jackpot round, two-person team Maltese Wallabies more than made up for their last-place finish by winning dinner for four. However, their joy seemed a little restrained - muted, even. Upon further investigation and gentle probing , I found out why ... they were on a first date! Awk-ward! Will they? Won't they? Should I buy a hat? More importantly though, if there is no second date, who will get custody of the 'dinner for four' voucher? Watch this space ...

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