Nightingale, Balham Wed, May 04 2016 20:00

Fun In The Sun

Michael B

Sunshine and quizzes aren't always particularly comfortable bedfellows, I find. Nevertheless, we had a very solid turnout at The Nightingale this evening. Nine teams battled it out, with last week's winners taking top spot once again, under a shiny, new name - rather appropriately (given the climate of late) they plumped for the moniker 'Summer Time And The Livin' Is Easy'.

The jackpot stood at a whopping £500 - or one two-thousandth of a million quid, if you prefer. Alas (or thankfully, depending on your stance) it remained unclaimed as 'What Is The Capital of Greece? €5' won The Nightingale's "love and affection". Or, to put it another way. Nowt. Zilch. Nada. Naff all. That means it's another rollover - see you next week, sunshine-permitting.

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