Nightingale, Balham Wed, Jan 20 2016 20:00

Game, set and a box of matches ...

Michael B

Following the success (my sentiments, not theirs) of last year's event, The Nightingale once again joined forces with The Wandsworth Carers Trust, for an evening of "charidee" and quizzing. With a half-time raffle thrown in for good measure, that meant there were a whopping eight prizes up for grabs this evening, ranging from a packet of crisps to a bottle of Veuve Cliquot and not one but TWO bar tabs totalling ninety big ones. With this cornucopia of riches on offer, spare a thought then for jackpot winners, The Only Thing Lower Than This Score Is My Experian Credit Rating (catchy name). Last week, they also won the jackpot and picked a "try again" envelope, followed by one which read, and I quote, "you win NOTHING". Tonight, however, they put the disappointment behind them and won ... wait for it ... a box of matches. Tough love.

In the main event, perennial quiz bridesmaids, The Sh*ts, finally made it to the promised land with an excellent 40 points. Well done, fellas - I hope victory tastes every bit as sweet as you'd imagined. The crown is yours for another six glorious days at least.

See you then ...

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